Roundup linked to cancer

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The world’s most popular weed killer has been linked to cancer, after the World Health Organisation warned that chemical glyphosate “probably causes Roundup - Toxinscancer”. Glyphosate is an herbicide marketed as “RoundUp” and is commonly used in sensitive areas such as households, gardens and playgrounds. Councils across Australia are continuing to use the chemicals, despite the findings and petitions from residents.

The Federal Department of Health and the Australia Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority are now re-assessing the risk of glyphosate on humans. Last year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer upgraded its assessment of Round Up from ‘possibly’ to “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

Councils are continuing to use the chemical in playground and parks despite the warning from WHO. RoudUp Monsanto, the chemical company that created “Agent Orange”, used in the Vietnam War, found to cause severe health problems – including birth defects to veterans and the local population exposed to it. READ MORE

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